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About Us

Intuitive  Design  is  how  we  give  the  USER  new  Superpowers.

About Us

Kunal Internet - leading Web Developers, serves in the field of Domain Registration, Web Hosting and Website Development providing highest quality and reliability.

With our expert designers we customize your website to suit the needs. We give utmost importance in understanding objectives of your business, defining your need and output with full satisfaction. Your website gives best return for your investment.

In this ever changing environment each company has a requirement of its own when it comes to present it self on virtual world. Our web designing experts ensures that we stand up to your requirements. We continuously aim at designing best possible and a different layout every time so that each company has a unique presence.

We deliver a business friendly website that attracts visitors. We always try to satisfy our clients by catering to their each small needs & suggestions for development of website.

If you are looking to have a presence on the net or a site on the web with basic pages, or if you need a comprehensive web site with various features such as a Shopping Cart, Payment Gateway, Dynamic Websites, Highly Interactive, Database Management or more Kunal Internet is the best choice.


  1. To deliver timely output with highest quality standards.
  2. To encourage innovation, excellence, integrity, professionalism & team work with an optimum mix of latest technologies, human intelligence & enterprise.
  3. To uphold the highest standards of business ethics and lead the way in fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility
  4. To conquer new horizons and new heights.


To be a leading Enterprise in the field of Information Technology committed to quality, customer satisfaction, excellence by building our strengths – innovative designs, timely completion, demonstrating the highest standards of workmanship.

Company Ventures

Following are our compnay ventures:

  1. E Sandesh - Bulk SMS Solutions
  2. ShopLinea - Online Shopping Portal